Look at me for who I am, not where I come from.

Green cards are given to individuals, not countries.

Who We Are

We are hundreds of thousands of High-skilled immigrants facing an #IndianBan by archaic immigration laws.

We have lived in this country for years, have approved petition for Permanent Residency (also known as Greencard), yet we are forced to stay on work visa, our fault – we were born in India.

If this is not discrimination, then what is.

Family Separation



USA lowest in skill-based

Out of 1 million Greencards, Only 80000 are issued to High-skilled professionals every year. This is lowest intake % compared to other countries such as Canada, , Australia or New Zealand.


Merit-based immigration is a myth

Greencards are not distributed to individuals based on how good they are…but where they come from. Immigrants are segregated and s are punished for being born in a populous country.


Arbitrary Per country caps or IndianBan

Two immigrants with identical qualifications & Greencard application dates: Estimated wait time for India born is 100+ years, while all others are given the Greencard in 6 months!


Greencard wastage due to inefficiencies

9347 Greencards were wasted in FY2020. That’s dreams of 9347 immigrant families shattered.


Travel stamp renewal not in USA

We can stay here, but if we step out of the country, we cannot get back in.


Documented kids not protected

When the Kids of work visa holders – they are removed from the Greencard application & also the country.

Impact Stories

A kid who came to the country legally, is punished by America for following the rules.

Sri came to the USA when she was 5 along with her parents on a  high-skilled work visa. She did not know that she may be forced to leave the country she calls home when she turns 21. What’s her fault?

Biggest worry of immigrant Physician treating Covid-19 patients, "Will my family be deported if I die".

Dr. Paritosh saves countless American lives in rural America. He puts his life at risk while treating Covid-19 patients. But if something happens to him, his family will lose the immigration status. Welcome to America.